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About the administrator?

Actually, I don't like to describe myself too much... I'm scared of exposing myself to people. *laughs*
amano: Hello!
Name: Pei Pei
Nickname(s): amano, ash (game name), Iko
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05 November 19xx (secret.)
Nationality: Malaysian (it's hot!)
Job(s): Student, a part time tuition teacher
Loves: Graphic designs, site coding, reading, cycling, blogging, baking, to be alone, rainy days...
Hates: crowds, lighting strikes... (can't really figure out... I mean too many to write. :3)
FAQs: Formspring
Sites: Currently I have 3 sites included this, which are active. Due to some privacy problems, I choose not to post up my sites, yet if you want to know, you can ask me. :)